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Orchard Brotips: modules you should keep enabled/disabled in production or during development

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Although with the Precompiled build target, coming with Orchard 1.6, modules can be precompiled into dlls, it's still good practice to disable every feature you don't need in production even if the performance penalty is small. Here's a small list of common modules you should watch out for.

Modules you should enable only in a production environment (apart from testing):

Modules you should always disable in production:

  • Packaging (also disables e.g. Gallery as you don't want to manage module packages in prod apart from enabling/disabling)
  • Code Generation
  • Shape Tracing (what is adviced to only be enabled for specific tasks when doing development anyway), actually Orchard.DesignerTools

For switching between a production and development profile of module sets try out the Module Profiles module, developed by Benedek Farkas.

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  • Alex said


    So when you say, disable a module, should we just disable it in the administration panel, or should we delete it?

    In orchard 1.6 i see that there is a module named Syscache2. Should we used it together with the cache module you mentioned?

  • Piedone said

    Just disable it, no need to delete the module.

    Yes, Syscache is an NHibernate 2nd level cache and it complements output caching.