Big Combinator update and partial image sprite generation!

Tags: Orchard HUN, modules, Combinator, performance

I don't want to use this blog to advertise my modules, but now I'm very excited about the new versions of Combinator, the css and script bundling and minfying Orchard module: version 1.4 is a quite mature release that can be used in any environment (in a Web Farm scenario too as long as distributed caching is implemented or signals can propagate through the nodes). The alpha release (actually releases: alpha 2 is out now) includes a long awaited feature of image sprite generation! This mean limited support at the time as Combinator currently only understands "background-image" declarations. Background images should be ones with no-repeat or being on a container thats size doesn't exceed the size of the image.

Check Combinator out yourself, and speed up your Orchard site!

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  • Antoine Griffard said

    [b]Great news.[/b]

    Does this comment part use the refactoring fork ?

  • Piedone said

    No, this is the current implementation. The fork is work in progress, not suitable for production use yet.

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