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  • A harsh reminder that you can't forget what's below the abstraction

    Tags: Orchard, SQL, exceptions

    So you're a high-level programmer that much that you write software in Flash. Running in JavaScript. In a browser that runs on a virtual machine that runs on an actual OS that... Or simply you write a module that runs in a framework running on a framework running on a framework running on a framework (Orchard - ASP.NET MVC - ASP.NET - .NET) that uses an abstraction of database tables (records) aided by a layer that abstracts a layer that abstracts a data storage (Content Query - NHibernate - SQL) - that BTW itself abstracts a whole lot of things - to wrap it up quickly. And you thought you don't have to think about all that below! Got ya!

    I've created a content part that had an innocent little property called Index (what, for the historical accuracy, was of type int), and below that there was a similarly named property in the part record. Guess what I got when I tried to use this?

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  • SQL database scripting/diff tools that work

    Tags: database, SQL, SQL Server, diff

    Recently I needed software for one very specific task: given two databases, calculate their (data and schema) differences and generate an appropriate change script. There are dozens of solution for this, but I tried many till I found two that satisfied the following criteria:

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