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Recently I needed software for one very specific task: given two databases, calculate their (data and schema) differences and generate an appropriate change script. There are dozens of solution for this, but I tried many till I found two that satisfied the following criteria:

  • Work with SQL Server
  • Diff data and schema of the whole database (not just individual tables)
  • Either be free or have a reasonable price (there are a lot of supposedly great tools out there, but frankly I find $600 or even $1000 a bit expensive for an individual developer licence)

And the winner is...

Atlantis Schema Inspector and Atlantis Data Inspector! Both tools just work great: after comparing two databases besides being able to generate a change script they can also be directly synchronize. Actually due to module migrations for Orchard almost only Data Inspector is needed.

Oh, I forgot the other app, haven't I (I really count the Atlantis tools as one)? The other one is Data Synchronization Studio from Simego. It also looks great and I've also seen it work great with some databases, but with one particular DB I quickly got fatal errors, so I had to use Atlantis's tools.

Happy diffing!

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