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  • Orchard Hungary now running on Azure

    Tags: Azure, Azure Virtual Machines

    After a briefer test we decided to permanently migrate Orchard Hungary to Azure Virtual Machines.

    We were on Gearhost before but we continuously experienced slowdowns and outages. On the contrary Azure VMs are very fast and reliable, the whole service being remarkably professional. Not to mention at this scale it's suspiciously cheap (for the price of a Snickers bar all of our data is stored in a geo-reduntant way; you'll have to fire at least two nukes to take down Orchard HUN).

    At the moment we use an extra small VM because it simply is enough. If we happen to run out of power in the future we'll just turn up the instance size.

    Our pages' response time now is around 100ms for anonymous users. And that's not that bad!

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