Live from Orchard Harvest 2013 - Amsterdam (Part 2.)

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Back to Orchard Harvest, afternoon! See the previous part.

The second part of the day started with Sipke's marathon double-session about Orchard module development, APIs and also some general development (best) practices. In the end Sipke also showed some action-packed live debugging around an issue with running a recipe.

Nick came next (after a short epic struggle with Windows Update) with a funny overview of his Forums module (which is - or now rather should be: was - the most desired feature missing from the Orchard): some background, design decisions and demos.

And now to the panel with Sipke, Sebastien and Bertrand. The questions:

  1. Why is dynamic compilation off in 1.6 by default? It's off because it's broken :-). But you can also turn off deliberately.
  2. Can you turn on dynamic compilation from the command line (dynamic compilation is a favourite)? No, just by a config file. Now by default dynamic compilation is on but file system monitoring is off.
  3. Any movement for better support of client-side libraries? In history, if you don't do anything, you're doing right. Just kidding :-). Too long didn't hear version: not really, because we don't want to vote for a single library for everything.
  4. What do we say to the 1.7 release? Not today. Migration? Will/already have, there shouldn't be any issues, just a few little ones so you don't get bored.
  5. What about caching? Uhm, you'll see the replies in the video because it can't be explained by words, neither by expressions consisting of multiple words :-).
  6. Is Orchard an application development platform? Yes. Use Orchard, because it's good for you. Or not, you decide.
  7. Can we have static resource bundles (css, js)? Yes. Use Combinator or have manually defined resource bundles.
  8. Please watch the video that will come for this one :-).
  9. How to have a non-content home page? Yes: add its route under the empty alias.
  10. Piotr is sorry for the command line and want it to be loved better. And we couldn't agree more.
  11. We have some setup where items belong to some other items. What to do? Use Taxonomies.
  12. What's sad that there are cool modules but not maintained. If you like it, take ownership. And also these modules are so cool that the community wants them to be in the core. What to do? Propose it, include it in a fork and submit a pull request. Core modules are the ones that are or should be used by the majority of the users. Downside: if something's in the core, then it should be maintained and supported too.
  13. Migrations are fragile. How to deal with that? Now migrations have their own transaction, so if anything goes wrong, the whole transaction is rolled back. And what about having an explicit rollback feature for migrations? Not a good idea.
  14. Because of soft delete, your DB can get polluted. What to do? We could have a module to clean up deleted items/versions, whatava. Sebastien loves the Data Pruning Drupal plugin.
  15. There's an issue with Windows authentication, but that's not and Orchard issue.
  16. Won't it be bad to have potentially a very big number of content items with Media Library? If this is an issue for you, don't use the feature, but files directly as today.

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