Live from Orchard Harvest 2013 - Amsterdam (Part 1.)

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The Orchard Hungary/Lombiq Team is in Amsterdam, attending Orchard Harvest. Let's see what we've got this year, what we waited for since last September!

First day, first part!

Registration went smooth and luckily it was not an issue that we arrived just in time with the t-shirts since those we handled out after the lunch break. (Breakfast buffet was excellent BTW and a great way to re-unite with the fellows not seen for a long time!)

Keynotes were well-prepared and also entertaining: Ylan from Onestop, the main organizer of Harvest started with a speech about how Orchard's community starts to flourish. What we really enjoyed is how Ylan cares about the evolution of our community.

Bertrand, the benevolent dictator of Orchard and co-founder of Nwazet shared some interesting insights about the Orchard story: how the system evolved, what concepts lived through from 0.1 and which ones turned out to be sad mistakes.

The day's first session was given by Beatriz from the Portuguese agency Bind about how to develop responsive themes for Orchard and why to care about being responsive and adaptive. Despite having difficulties with the internet connection (as we all did in Tobacco Theatre in the beginning of the day) Beatriz managed to fully finish up the online demo and show us how to enrich our sites with the help of Twitter's Bootstrap framework and some relatively simple techniques.

Steve was next speaking about using Backbone to enrich the UI of an Orchard application. In his demo Steve progressively enhanced an Orchard site first with some simple AJAX and in the end with a full Backbone-based rich listing.

The last session before our beloved lunch break was given by Jai who presented and interesting approach to architect a high-traffic website: in their solution at Sapient Nitro they used Orchard as a content authoring tool for the backend, exposing content through web APIs. These APIs are then consumed by a standard ASP.NET MVC 4 application that is actually facing the outer world.

And now Sipke is having his in-depth session about module development, APIs and best practices. It looks that Sipke is well trained in ReSharper-fu, as he's using ReSharper's features extensively!

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  • Ruslan said Reply

    Were the sessions recorded? Couldn't attend the conference but really interested in Orchard.

  • Ben Power said Reply

    Yeah, I couldn't make it either but would love to see the sessions! Let us know if they were recorded please!

  • Shaun said Reply

    Can't wait to see the recordings! Thank you for hosting this event.

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