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As the title says, the Orchard Hungary Team released (not long ago) its (third) module, called OrchardHUN.ModuleProfiles. Using this module built into the admin interface, you can create a "module profile" and set states for the corresponding modules. This will become useful when you want use different sets of modules for different environments: ShapeTracing is used while developing, but should be disabled in production, and so on.

The module is found under Modules in the admin interface or at "~/Modules/ModulesProfiles". First, you need to create a profile, and then with checkboxes in the left column you can mark a module to be included in the profiles, and set the state of the modules in the profile with right ones. Save the profile, and then you can "Activate" it or for inverse states push "Activate Inverse" (modules marked enabled will be disabled and vice versa). These actions are also available using the command line tool:

  • moduleprofiles activate <ProfileName>
  • moduleprofiles inverse activate <ProfileName>

The module is available for download in the Orchard Gallery and on GitHub!
The current version is 1.0.3, but a major release will come soon (1.1) with several upgrades (most of these are already available in the latest source on GitHub) and some code refactoring.

An additional tool that we utilise on our server:
For activating a profile, you don't necessarily need to use the admin interface, there are console commands to make it easier. But you can speed up this process by using batch files, here's an example!

Create a text file and set its extension to ".cmd". Place it somewhere in you Orchard folder structure (eg. into Orchard.Web) and edit the file with a text editor (Orchard Hungary Team recommends NotePad++):

start /d "<Orchard.exe relative route>" Orchard.exe moduleprofiles activate <ProfileName>

In our case, we have a batch file called "_ProductionModules.cmd" in Orchard.Web with the following content:

start /min /d "bin\" Orchard.exe moduleprofiles activate Production

The "/min" switch will make console window start minimized.

This article contains product placement. :)

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