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Contents tagged with brotip

  • Setting up and Orchard site in IIS Express 7.5

    Tags: Orchard, IIS, maintenance, brotip

    I am going to show you a step by step how-to about the configuration of IIS (Internet Information Services) Express (version 7.5) to host an Orchard application, based on our first experiences with site maintenance. On the following episodes of this 3-part series we will also look at Visual Studio "one-click" (well, actually 3) Web Deploy, IIS URL Rewrite and Orchard.Email + Windows SMTP Server. But let us start with the basics, fire up IIS! We'll use IIS Manager.

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  • MVC Brotip: App_Offline

    Tags: Orchard, Orchard brotips, brotip, ASP, .NET, MVC, Windows, console

    One of the benefits of using ASP.NET MVC is that during maintenance you are able to put your site to an offline state while making changes that could be interrupted or corrupted by users. In case of Orchard these are typically database I/O jobs. To prevent this, all you need to do is place a file named "App_Offline.htm" to the root directory (Orchard.Web) of your site and display any message to the users using HTML. While this file is present, user requests will not reach the Orchard site, instead handled by the server itself. To restore your site to online state, just rename "App_Offline.htm" to anything else.

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  • Orchard Brotips: speeding up Orchard (or really ASP.NET) debugging

    Tags: Orchard, Orchard brotips, debugging, IIS, Visual Studio, brotip

    Let me guess: you have some kick-ass high-end computer with twenty gigamegaflops of solid state quantum GPU, but debugging an Orchard instance is slow. Particularly starting debugging (and spinning up an Orchard instance) is slow and when opening a page that wasn't yet hit by the JIT compiler is also slow. Meanwhile your computer uses a fraction of its resources.

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