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Orchard Scripting Extensions gets script content types for versioned scripts

Tags: Orchard, scripting, PHP, Orchard HUN, contents, Script content type, Composite Script content type

Our Orchard Scripting Extensions module what provides re-usable scripting services (and is implemented e.g. for PHP scripting) and what we reported on earlier just got a new feature: scripts are now content items.

What does this mean? You can now have versioned script content items and use them with all of the services. This way scripts have centralized editors and you can re-use scripts, e.g. in multiple actions.

There are two new content types:

  • Script: this contains a single script written for a specific scripting engine.
  • Composite Script: with Content Picker you can select other scripts for a Composite Script and also define their execution order. With this you can bundle a set of scripts into a single one for easier usage.

To handle script content items the Script Execution action provider that hooks into Orchard's Rules engine got a Content Picker (i.e. now you can select a script to be executed when the action runs from the available) and also the scripting testbed (so now you can select existing scripts to test besides writing an ad-hoc one).

The project files were also updated with VS 2012 (don't worry, they are still perfectly usable with VS 2010).

Aaaand, we have a new developer on board, as Piotr Szmyd has taken the responsibility of making script content types part of the Script stereotype, what is more complicated than it looks.

WARNING: to run Orchard Scripting Extensions you need the latest Orchard source as it depends on some bugfixes!

Happy scripting!

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