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Orchard PHP scripting demo at Óbuda University

Tags: session, Orchard, PHP, scripting

Orchard? PHP? Wat? Orchard and PHP indeed: we developed our Orchard Scripting Extensions module a while ago that gives you a generic scripting runtime for creating specific scripting engines for Orchard. With these engines it is then possible to greatly extend the functionality of Orchard, just by using scripts. We developed multiple engines for this framework, first a PHP one (then soon a C#/VB and JavaScript one).

We now got an opportunity at Óbuda University to demo Orchard PHP scripting for the international audience in a lesson of the PHP course (just before an exam!). We hope that we managed to give some inspiration to get to know Orchard or other exotic PHP usages. We hereby thank Zsolt Szabó for the opportunity, the teacher of the course!

The demo was run from an Orchard instance running on an Azure VM, which is publicly available here for some time. Now's the time to play a bit with Orchard or PHP inside Orchard! :-)

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