Live from Orchard Harvest 2013 - Amsterdam (Part 4.)

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Second half of the second day - close to the end of this year's Harvest. Let's see what we've got! See the previous post here.

Piotr from Proligence started the after-lunch part with a company presentation, since Proligence is co-sponsoring Harvest (together with Azure, Onestop, [nwazet and of course Lombiq).

Bertrand followed up with Orchard's best kept recipes: a parade of Orchard features, modules, techniques you may want to know about.

Sebastien ended the series of sessions with an in-depth drive of shapes: how to have statically-typed shapes (not the DisplayTemplate way), what about shape events, connection with templates, how shapes are placed and how their factories are built up and a lot of other advanced shape insights.

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