Orchard Hungary is an archive

This site is now an archive. We'll keep it so the content is accessible, but we won't update it anymore. However, we frequently publish Orchard-related news on our other site Orchard Dojo, so be sure to check that out instead. And if you're interested in news about our Orchard development company, Lombiq, check out our website.

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  • Introduction-to-Orchard presentation in Budapest, Hungary

    Tags: Orchard, Orchard HUN, Óbuda University

    At last, the Orchard Hungary Team made it's debut as presenters in Hungary too (after being successful a month ago in Los Angeles). Hosted by the university we study at (Óbuda University) Zoltán and I held a session of one and a half hour length on introducing Orchard to a small audience of 20 people (which is the double of what we expected to see).
    See the photos taken during the presentation on our Facebook page!

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  • Big Combinator update and partial image sprite generation!

    Tags: Orchard HUN, modules, Combinator, performance

    I don't want to use this blog to advertise my modules, but now I'm very excited about the new versions of Combinator, the css and script bundling and minfying Orchard module: version 1.4 is a quite mature release that can be used in any environment (in a Web Farm scenario too as long as distributed caching is implemented or signals can propagate through the nodes). The alpha release (actually releases: alpha 2 is out now) includes a long awaited feature of image sprite generation! This mean limited support at the time as Combinator currently only understands "background-image" declarations. Background images should be ones with no-repeat or being on a container thats size doesn't exceed the size of the image.

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  • Introducing OrchardHUN.ModuleProfiles

    Tags: Orchard, Orchard HUN, modules, ModuleProfiles

    As the title says, the Orchard Hungary Team released (not long ago) its (third) module, called OrchardHUN.ModuleProfiles. Using this module built into the admin interface, you can create a "module profile" and set states for the corresponding modules. This will become useful when you want use different sets of modules for different environments: ShapeTracing is used while developing, but should be disabled in production, and so on.

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  • First!

    Tags: Orchard, Orchard HUN, site, first

    This is the opening blogpost for the all-new English site of the Orchard Hungary Community Team. From now on (and retrospectively) we are going to publish our thoughts and experiences about web development and Orchard in English language too!

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