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  • Orchard University course in the 2013. spring semester ended today

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    As you may have heard, the Orchard Hungary Team hosted a university course at the Óbuda University's John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics this semester. The course started in the middle of February and ended today with the "final" 9 participants (forming 5 teams) presenting their projects. Let's see them in the order of presentation:

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  • Orchard university subject starting in February

    Tags: Orchard, Orchard HUN, Óbuda University, Orchard Subject, session

    We're happy to announce something that some of you (those who attend/watch the weekly community meetings) may already know:
    as tutors, we'll begin the first official university subject built around Orchard at the Óbuda University in February. The participants will start by exploring ASP.NET MVC and then dive deep into Orchard module and theme development. Since we're still university students, this is something of a great magnitude for us, not to mention that all the 20 places for our course were filled in 2 days: here's the evidence!

    Update: the subject's capacity was increased to 24 places but again it's full.

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  • Orchard Training at Óbuda University

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    Two weeks ago, we've started to teach Orchard to a small group of Hungarian students and developers at our university: the John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics of Óbuda University. During this course we are covering the features and usage of the Orchard Admin interface, will discover theme development and learn how to deploy Orchard to hosting services, like AWS.

    All the lessons are recorded and uploaded to YouTube to a playlist (the first three lessons are already available)!

    Of course, if you don't speak Hungarian it won't make much sense, but still, it may worth to take a look into our lessons! Our notes and used resources will be available for everyone soon (they are written in English) for other enthusiasts to be able to start teaching and help more people know about Orchard and learn how to use it!

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  • Introduction-to-Orchard presentation in Budapest, Hungary

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    At last, the Orchard Hungary Team made it's debut as presenters in Hungary too (after being successful a month ago in Los Angeles). Hosted by the university we study at (Óbuda University) Zoltán and I held a session of one and a half hour length on introducing Orchard to a small audience of 20 people (which is the double of what we expected to see).
    See the photos taken during the presentation on our Facebook page!

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